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Sufficiency II January 23, 2006

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Jet Lag (not Jet Li)
Hi there friends and family! I am back after a week of hiatus…readjusting to the time clock and having my body adjust to Eastern Standard Time. I can say with a great deal of thanksgiving that I am now back to the swing of things.

Jamie and I gave our new year commitment to the Lord and each other by spending a weekend in Skaneateles, NY (near Syracuse) and had fun in the cold and ate good food such as Doug’s Fish Fry.

Jamie and I just returned from a weekend in New York to go to the annual Pastoral and Laity Ministries Appreciation Dinner where we were able to give thanks to those who have been so generous with their support of the ministry. I had to give a presentation to the Board about the ministry and they were very encouraging despite my funding situation. I have raised a little over $2,000 from my $26,000 budget.

They suggested that I take a part-time positon (I started working at a technology firm in Syracuse who have been so flexible with my schedule) to make ends meet. The PaLM Board suggested that I put most of the projects on hold which means the Asian American Laity Project launch will be set in the Fall 2006. I am looking into launching it at the Eastern Chinese Bible Conference.

For the Spring of 2006, I will focus on fundraising and developing support for the ministry. I have a deadline of August 25th to raise all my support. So I am going to go on a support campaign this upcoming two weeks.

It was a humbling experience for me and I will continue to seek His face and it is moving me towards a place of seeking His sufficiency.

My mother was so disappointed that I didn’t make it to an Ivy League so this is my chance to feel somewhat fulfilling my dream of being at a Ivy League school, I will be preaching at Cornell’s Grace Christian Fellowship Winter Retreat this Friday through Saturday. The theme I will be speaking on is “The Great Unknown: The Challenge and Hope of Faith.” I am excited to be able to stretch and speak with “smart” college students.

Talking Heads
After some consideration and prayer, I will be speaking at the Hofstra New York Summer Conference. I was hesitant because of my speaking schedule and the size of the retreat…but I am stepping out on faith and expecting a blessing to have an opportunity to share my heart here. I found out that my beloved mentor John Ng, is one of the speakers for the adult track! We get to hang out! Now if only Jesus Generation could be there to lead worship.

I am also preparing to speak at Long Island Abundant Life Church Winter Retreat. Praise God that my brother Ron Chen is their new youth pastor. Praise God! I always have a heart and affinity for youth pastors.

I said yes to Tammy Chan (my boss’ daughter…wink wink) and agreed to speak at an outreach coffehouse in Chinese Evangel Missions Church Queens…will give you an update on the theme next week.

Still working out speaking at CCOWE and figuring out if I should fundraise to go to Macau for this important conference.

Xin Ai Ni (God loves you)
One of the perks of being married to a Graduate Assistant at the School of Environmental Studies and Forestry is I can take a class for free of costs! Guess what I am taking? I am taking
Chinese 102. It is exciting for me to be able to develop my Chinese language skills while I am in Syracuse.

Journey of a Servant Website
I am behind in developing my personal ministry website, I am hoping to launch it by the first week of February. It will feature updates and thoughts and reflections on Asian American ministry. Here is a preview….

CCHC Website (HOORAY!)
The CCHC Board approved for the budget for the English website and I will be coordinate the project! I am so excited for this opportunity to continue to serve with this ministry. I am developing most of the content and working with the national office and affiliates for updates and content. This the first step in a long-term plan for funding for the ministry.

On your Knees
Thanks for all your prayers, it is really a great blessing. Some amazing praises is that God really have been working in the heart of Jamie and I as we approach this new year. We are going through a renewed time of devotion and appreciate the moments with God and with one another.

The men’s fellowship I attend here in Syracuse had a major breakthrough with some of us asking for a deeper sense of accountability and sharing. It is amazing to see…

Likewise the couples’ fellowship had a major breakthrough this past Sunday with our study of Love & Respect…as we learned we are to do things “unto the Lord.” This is a great tool for those who are married or considering marriage…intense biblical stuff.

Pray for planning for another Refl3ctions event…possibly in the Spring or in the Fall of 2006…

Thank you for your prayers. If you feel compelled to support me You can send your check to PaLM at 48-19 196th Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-1316. Please indicate on your check that is for the Laity Project/Peter Ong

Many blessings to you!



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