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The Great Unknown January 30, 2006

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Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the Dog (that’s my year!). I hope that all of you were able to spend time with your families and get some red envelopes!

I just returned from Cornell Grace Christian Fellowship Winter Retreat. It was a blessed weekend teaching on different aspects of faith and community. I gave four messages throughout the weekend challenging them to step into the “Great Unknown” challenging the fellowship to engage with one another and with campus students…Saturday was a special night that the Holy Spirit came and ministered through prayer and worship. The worship band was amazing and I wanted to just bask in the warmth of worship but I had to teach…I am realizing that the preaching was just a platform for me to express some of my convictions from scriptures and the real ministry was with engaging with the individuals. I opened the evening but challenging them to get away from the convention of having the speaker be the fulcrum of the retreat but rather focus on God and each other…to pursue the extravagent glory of God.

Testimony time was affirming as I saw brothers and sisters share about the beauty of their fellowship and how they have encouraged one another through their love for one another. A remembered vision of the hope they have in Christ (Hebrews 10:18-25).

It was the first time Jamie and I served together on a retreat. It gave me a glimpse of how this beautiful union could work together to honor God and our hearts for the people of God. I didn’t realize how lonely these retreats could be…and to have Jamie there in the evenings and the afternoons to reflect the events of the day gave me a “realized” hope…I am so thankful for God expressing His love of community through this institution of marriage.

Jamie and I spent our Chineses New Years with some undergraduate students at ESF who were her students from her WaveHill program in New York. I really enjoyed the dinner with the students and being able to spend time with students here. They are really such a blessing to me and to see how they are still connected to Jamie is very precious to me.

Prayer Items:
Pray that the seeds that were planted this weekend at Cornell Grace Christian Fellowship will bear fruit as they seek to impact their campus through inreach and outreach. I pray that that God will bring glory to His name through them.

I am sending out my prayer update this week…Pray for provision of God’s people for the funding. I am stepping out in faith…doing it unto the Lord (Ephesians 6:7)

Working on the content for the CCHC English Website. Thank God for the commitment from CCHC to explore share with an English audience the things that God are doing through CCHC. Pray for our webmaster and for me to be diligent.

Preparation for Winter Retreat for Long Island Abundant Life, for their youth track.

I received an invitation to do a workshop for the missions conference at Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey on March 25th. I pray that God will use me.

I am taking Chinese at Syracuse University and I am learning quite a bit and enjoying the class although I feel a little behind…but pray that through it I can learn the language and also for me to interact with the students.

A special praise to my friend HarveyLiu and Amy Shum, they are engaged! Pray that their journey together on this altar will continue to unveil the beautiful story that God is telling through them.

Another Praise is my good friends Eshean and Robert Cho just gave birth to Maya Man-Wai Cho…please join with me in rejoicing.

Jamie and I sponsored a World Vision child name Faith Ouma from Kenya…you can read more about her here….

Thank you for all your prayers…and support…I really sense the power of your prayers as I spoke this weekend and so thankful for each of you.

If you are interested please send all support to PaLM at 48-19 196th Street, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-1316. Please indicate on your check that is for the Laity Project/Peter Ong. All donations are tax-deductible.



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