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113987403302057577 February 13, 2006

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Speaking at Binghamton Intervarsity Christian Fellowship about the Challenge of Conflicted Truth

Welcome everyone to another edition of my “Journey of a Servant” reflections and prayer update. It has been a busy week but also some fun as Jamie and I were able to find some leisure together as well. Today is the mark of our sixth month anniversary of our wedding…how time flies.

We went out to Baltimore Woods in Marcellus New York (about 25 miles from our home) to go snowshoeing. Here are some pics if you want to see…it was fun to get out and trip over my feet on snowshoes while Jamie tried to ambush me by shaking trees so snow would fall on me.
Update on Bono: Thank you for all your responses on the Bono prayer breakfast sermon, I pray that it continues to point a Christian intersections of faith and public engagement. He is one of 163 individual nominees and 36 group nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize…How does one get nominated?
Here is an interesting response from Eugene Peterson, the translator of the Message translation of the bible to Bono.
If this started to whet your appetite for more of these issues of social justice, Christianity Today has a great article called the “Habits of Highly Effective Social Justice Workers.”
This was something that I touched upon my talk at the Binghamton Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Large Group seekers meeting. I presented the “truths” that seem to be out there that we have come a long way in our “ethical” progression and my case was that we have not…and in some ways, Christianity has been marred by our “self preservation” tactics versus innovators and transformers of cultures.
Calvin Miller wrote:
Christians are not to be so much quitters as starters. They do not endear themselves to God because of all they lay aside at conversion. Rather it is what they takep up that catches heaven’s esteem.”
I pray that it was a time of some challenging, I was able to meet Carrie Moorhead, the IV staff there…the large group was mostly Asian American college students who a number of them were from my time in serving at Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference…and a student from my Herald Youth Center days. Overall, it was a good evening and we went to Pizzeria Uno’s afterwards with 24+ students…ouchie! They rearranged half the restaurant for us! It was nice to sit together with the smallgroup and outreach coordinator…to talk about campus involvement. I hope to return again.
Update on John and Rachel Clancey
Last week, we sent off John and Rachel Clancey to their mission field in India, they arrived safely and ready to encounter God as they serve there. If you wish to learn more or see their updates please go to their website.
Speaking Engagements
Heading out to Long Island Abundant Life Church Winter retreat this weekend with Jamie. I am excited as I will be teaching from Jesus’ parables about “Going Deeper.” Jamie and I will be spending another weekend and hopefully will be able to balance work and leisure during our time there.
Then, I have a little break until April where I will speak for a youth outreach at Chinese Evangel Mission Church Queens.
Thanks for all your prayers and emails…keep it coming!
Special Prayers
I almost done with the CCHC website content. I am so thankful for the patience of my web-designer as I am restructuring the site. Pray for a focused and blessing for the ministry.
Part-time work in Syracuse, I am enjoying my work at the technology firm, the local newspaper did a feature article with pictures of my bosses!! (you won’t be able to see it on the internet version). I like the people but I am not sure if I could afford to work there…with Jamie in school and with funding for PaLM still held off till the Fall…
I am sending my prayer support out early next week. Pray that it will express the vision for “Equipping the Saints” and for partners to come along with me. I am still less than 10% in reaching my goal of funding.
Special friends have been going through some transitions including job changes, engagements, weddings and health issues.
Please pray for an outreach event that a college and career ministry at Syracuse Alliance Church, a church Jamie and I now attend. We will not be there since we will be at my speaking engagement at LIALC but please pray for the leadership and coordinators to make this an amazing evening for people to cross the thresholds of a church door.
Still working on a website for ministry updates but I am thinking this is enough for now…perhaps will make some additions. I am thinking of some names…pray for wisdom.
That is all for now…I love you guys…pray! pray! pray!


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