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Restless Intimacy March 12, 2006

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a sunset view at from the lakeview of Stella Maris Retreat and Renewal Center

I am back from the my renewal retreat from Stella Maris Retreat and Renewal Center. I arrrived around noon and they provided me a wonderful suite called the Potter’s House. I was able to enter in…restless, I prayed in a chapel filled with sacred silence. Things that I learned…

1. stillness doesn’t mean intimacy…
2. my restlessness is a form of intimacy…
3. i am wounded…
4. i am in reach of healing
5. i am not alone…
6. God is everpresent
7. peace resides in the future grace of God

Although it was shorter than I hoped, it was a first step towards a deeper communion with God. The story has just begun…

Jamie and I had a wonderful weekend of exploring the wonders of God’s creation at Chittenango Falls, being part of community by attending a surprise birthday party for a sister (where I met an old acquaintance from New York City! Such a small world!). I sense that Jamie and I are uncovering a yearning for a direction for our future…we are finding so many possibilities for us…We want to serve God…to the broken and to the people of God. To be a vessel to provide “living water.” Pray for our planning to be drenched with a sense of surrender to whatever He desires. To be joyous in our love for Him and for others.

Thank you for your prayers for our Experiencing God fellowship group where Jamie and I are co-leading a men’s and women’s group. It was a great start and already God is teaching me so much through this despite the fact that this is my fourth time I am going through this study. There is always something new and exciting on this journey. Pray for our co-leaders Dan and Yu-ting and for our group, that we all grow through this experience.

Prayer letters are coming soon. Look for it on your inbox and I will send them out soon. Pray for provision and inspiration for the work that God desires to do through the Asian American laity. I am finalizing my invitations for core group of brothers and sisters to be my prayer partners. If you would like to be a prayer partner, please let me know.

I have made some comments in DJ Chuang’s on-line blog discussion. I am still working on the article I am writing regarding issues with the generational churches. Will keep you posted about this.

We are coming back into New York City this week to spend some time with friends and with family. My uncle in Indonesia had a stroke so my parents are going to Asia to see him. Pray that they experience God through the testimony of my family there (almost all of his siblings have come to Christ in Indonesia and some of them in full-time ministry!) Amazing! Pray that their pilgrimage home will be a spiritual return.

I am waiting for the launch for the English CCHC website! The content is about finished and I have some follow up with the different directors for some final CCHC specifics to be posted. Pray for an unveiling of this site.

I won’t go into detail regarding my speaking engagements but I praise God for the invitations from groups to speak but I am learning to say “no” and having to engage in focusing on the laity ministry that is before me. Part of the issue is funding and the other is wanting to speak with a sense of devotion and not desperation.

Pray for all our friends who are getting married or contemplating marriage in the next few months. We have so many weddings and we are looking forward to sharing this blessing with all our friends.

Love you guys, hope to talk to you all very soon!

Peter O



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