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urban reversion March 19, 2006

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Jamie and I are back from a trek from New York City for some meetings and also for some leisure with friends and family. I felt so alive taking the subway again.

I had a Pastoral and Laity Ministries fellowship meeting with Asian American pastors and ministry. They are participating in an ongoing study on Shaped by God’s Heart. We had an engaging discussion on “Authenticity.” I was able to spend some time sharing about ministry with Pastor Donald Yee at Boon Church of Overseas Chinese Mission.

I was able to spend some quality time with my parents who are heading out to Indonesia to see my uncle who is recovering from a stroke. It was a wonderful time of sharing and reconnecting with them. Pray for their experiences in their travels to be filled with understanding of the testimony of my father’s family who are Christian in a such a hostile country. It is the largest Muslim country in the world. Please refer to this page for prayer items.

I was able to meet briefly with Jennifer Ikoma who is the new recruitment director of Multi-ethnic Ministries and who is also assisting with the Asian American ministry for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship National office. It is always such a blessing to hear of her stories of her engagement (congratulations!) and to see how much God is doing through the ministry of IV. She asked me to consider helping out with Cornell because their staff leader is transitioning out.

We were able to spend some time with my good friend Eshean who just had a beautiful baby Maya. You can see more of her pictures here. It was a good time for Jamie and I to hold a baby and realize the miracle of this gift of children. Pray for our continued pursuit of seeking after His will in this area in our lives.

We had a great time at the Jinny Kim CD launch concert, it was a breathtaking performance with her beautiful words to match that voice. She is a saint who pursues beauty for ashes. I ran into some old friends and some youth. Pray that God continues to work through the work of artists, I am developing a strategic engagement of artists with seekers and how powerfully God speaks through people like Jinny.

On Sunday, I was able to attend my old home church Redeemer Presbyterian Church and once again, I am speechless by the simplicity and beauty in which Pastor Tim presents the gospel and the steps towards discipleship. I was so moved by His call for us to “go down so we can go up…” I love that church.

I wasn’t able to meet with any of leaders of EPIC, the Campus Crusades Asian American ministry. I hope to connect with them online and to seek some partnership.

Congratulations and Praises! Jamie just got into the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs for a dual Masters program. It has been ranked as the #1 Graduate School for Public Affairs according to U.S. News and World Report. Pray for us as this would mean an additional time here in Syracuse.

I have been invited to speak at other groups and I have decided to cut back and not do any more speaking engagements till the summer. Pray that I prepare well for the New York Summer Conference. Pray for good preparation for Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference, they asked me to do a workshop, I am praying about doing something on evangelism…

We are approaching our second official session of Experiencing God and last week only two men showed up. I was a bit surprised but satisfied with who God brought. I know it is a blessing for me to serve this group and I pray that whoever God brings, it be filled with His glory.

I am doing a presentation for my Chinese class at Syracuse University. The teacher asked us to do a presentation about what interests you about China and I decided to do it on the Churches in China. Pray for a time for sincere sharing and for engagement with the students on who Jesus is.

Misc Prayer Items
For provision for the Laity Ministry. Next Fall, is the determining moment for us…it is going to be a challenging time for us financially to pursue ministry without funding. Pray for more diligence on my part to share the vision of the ministry and for faith to grow in the process.

Please continue to pray for my sister since my niece have moved out and now lives with the father. My niece refuses to talk to my sister. It makes me so sad that there is so much brokenness.

Pray for the youth, who are the most vulnerable in this country, this past week we have learned of such horrendous crimes that are being inflicted on youth…please pray for these innocents.

Pray for our settling into a home church, we are thinking about looking and prayerfully seek out how we can serve the church.


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