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Death Redefined April 17, 2006

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“Jesus departed from our sight that he might return to our heart. He departed, and behold, he is here…” Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430)

Greetings everyone! I hope your week leading to Easter proved to be filled with wonder and the awe of reflecting of the meaning of God’s death on the cross and the unveiling the transformative power of redefining the absence inside an empty tomb as presence in our lives.

I am so thankful for the profound act of “absence” to conquer our graves…we rise with Him…amen!

Thanks for your prayers everyone! Here was an email that really touched me this week…

“I hope you’ll learn to love Syracuse more, as Syracuse loves (or needs) you more. As you mentioned, you believe God called you to Syracuse…., so I’m sure God will put Syracuse in your heart.I remember my heart was in Hong Kong for years after I moved to Long Island. I don’t know how many times in my dreams at that time I thought, “Finally I’m back in Hong Kong!” only to wake up and realize that it’s yet another dream. Four years ago …I finally went back to Hong Kong in summer, and I felt like I was a Hong Kong-er again, and the 9 years in Long Island seemed like a dream that summer.

A few years later, last Spring, I remember looking at the map of Syracuse …like I was looking at the map of Paradise. (you know, I was in the… in the middle of the night, sleepy and probably a little hungry and thirsty and stressed.) My heart was in Syracuse already, even months before I finished … Transitions can be very traumatic, but the thing that’s constant is the presence of God in your life. I’m sure God is at work, in your heart, whether your heart is in NYC or Syracuse. Take care, Peter!”

It has been a busy week since my Syracuse part-time job here is picking up and I am putting in more hours…thanks for all your prayers. Thank you for all your words of encouragement and also sharing with me about your stories of how God is moving in your lives. Special thanks to my missionary sisters out there who are moving so diligently to do the work of proclaiming the gospel. Thank you brothers for constant reminders of your friendship, I find strength in your faith and most of all your service towards the work of God.

So, since I worked late today and had a meeting with our small group co-leaders, I am gonna have to keep this prayer update brief!

Prayer Support letter is coming out this week…sorry for the delay, I wanted to include some new updates but also feel the fear that is creeping up on me since support raising has never been this hard before…But God is breaking me…and God has been great in providing me a job and full funding for Jamie’s studies…Pray that God will move in the hearts and for surrendered provision! Pray for my fear to transformed to hope!

Speaking Engagements
Heading back to the city this coming weekend to speak at Chinese Evangel Mission Church Queens Coffeehouse outreach. Thankful for the organizers and look forward to speaking on “Above the Noise” For a flyer click here. Pray for the organizers, for the kids and most of all for the anointing of God as I share about the “voices” that Christ heard on the Cross and what was the voice that He ultimately focused on…despite the silence…

I am going back to my High School (Brooklyn Technical High School) on May 18th and speaking for Seekers Jesus Day. Pray for this day as a working of the spirit as the students plan this day!

Laity Ministry
There are really some exciting news regarding some partnerships that are still in the works! Praise God! Specifically, pray for a special conference where we will have a launch for the Laity Project. I am working on my website and still striving to have the website up in the first week in May 2006.

Jamie and I are in the midst of planning for our future as the year is closing…we had the wonderful opportunity to engage with campus students (Jamie has been so amazing these past weeks…seeing what God is doing in her heart for the students here…she had some great moments of sharing with student about Easter). We are ready for another season of our lives here…we want to grow in our marriage which has been such a blessing…I feel that marriage is such a divine blessing for us…we comforts each other, we make each other laugh and most of all, just taking care of each other and our moments of yearning….Pray for diligent surrender for the plans He has for us…here…overseas…and may we respond “Here I am…” (even Syracuse!!!)

We have a date and venue for our next Refl3ctions event! JUNE 17TH at Overseas Chinese Mission Church I am organizing in getting an artist and also finding a speaker for the event. I have some ideas but want to lift it up to prayer.

Ministry in Syracuse
Meeting with pastoral staff of Syracuse Alliance Church this week to continue our dialogue in my involvement with the church. I am growing more and more sensitive to what God is leading me to serve here…it is not an easy place for me…But that is when I feel safest because He works most in my discomfort…Pray for prayerful entrance into this endeavor, it is so eas for me to rely on formulas and talents…but to truly serve and to humbly submit to the leadership.

Misc. Prayer Items
Several of my friends’ parents are ill this week…pray for my brother HL’s dad as he is in the hospital for some tests, please pray for CB’s mom who is diagnosed with cancer, and for those who are sick and in need of a touch of peace.

My sister, she is still undergoing ups and downs with her new life apart from her husband. Divorce has been a tough burden for her and the kids. Pray for her to rend her heart to God…

My parents are still in Asia travelling. I pray for encounters with God as they reunite with family members and I believe that as God is working in China, He reaches His hand to them…there…

Pray for the churches in Syracuse…there is definitely a stirring and I am so thankful He is alive!



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