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Things that make me remember 9/11 August 26, 2006

Posted by peterong in Reflections.

Since my trip to New York City’s Chinatown…I have been haunted by 9/11…I recall the event that is approaching almost five years ago…these are things that remind me fo that day…as I watched the towers fall…

Things that make me remember nine eleven

pay phones.helicopters. white candles. firetrucks. chelsea piers. people sitting on sidewalks. planes. paper on concrete sidewalks. the overcoat I wore that day. dust on windowsills. answering machine messages. people looking up. jennifer wong. brooklyn heights. dirty socks. the absence of birds. driving over the brooklyn bridge. missing persons posters. twins. the 34th Street subway stop where I got off that day. 30 street and 1st avenue, 59th street bridge. stopping at a traffic lights on Queen Blvd (where I walked home). EMT’s. emergency procedures on planes. airmasks. CNN. mosques. sermon on Lazarus. AT&T phone bills. metal crosses. the brooklyn heights promenade. catholic churches. psalm 116. battery park. water bottles. fire alarms. sprinkler systems. broken glass. eating silently. hurting feet. when I hug my mom. dropped cell phone calls. bouquets. large american flags. insomnia. white house. 1010 WINS, tractors, clergy collars. water buckets. dusty hands. dry sand. finding pennies. the smell of gas stations, black coffee, offensive street preachers. cemetaries. waking up to a cloudy day. metal lunch boxes. helmets. graffiti, george bush, fighter jets, Lincoln Center. vigils. phone calls from old friends. commas and periods in newspaper articles. Black and White newspapers. orange jumpsuits. falling asleep and exhaling psalm 30…”joy comes in the morning.”


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