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destinations (recovered) the activity of flashing back September 5, 2006

Posted by peterong in Asian American Ministries, Rants, Reflections.

ECBC Collage

This labor day weekend at ECBC was one filled with such a mosaic of emotions (delight, challenge, stirring, and joy). As I arrived at Camp Mariah, I was eager to reconnect with this community that has fueled so much of my passion and love for people. As the conference began and as each hour passed-the faces of the familiar (those teens whom i served are now adults and worshipping besides me) and the brothers and sisters who are now married and sharing in our journey of the reliving our altar moments, I am stunned by the latent crying out for God’s glory… this community has always seemed to seek me out and despite that I have temporarily paused from being there with them while in in the process of developing and providing for this ministry-it has invigorated me to rediscover a vocabulary of “Here I am” on this endeavor of serving and capturing the work of redemption of our community.

The highlight of this weekend for me are the people…the saints and sinners who comprise the fellowship of fellow servants and pilgrims such as Paul Tokunaga (huh-WHAT?!) who challenged us to say “I am NOT fine” and whose words and life continues to pour out as a spiritual father to many, to David Park (a spiritual soul mate), who continues to be a source of such brillance and depth and incredible dashes of killer humour, DJ Chuang an amazing church connoisseur who is a virtual (now physical) mentor (who amazingly can mute me in the real and virtual world…”it was a glitch”….), Anna Lee (who used to send me support while she was a college student) now in the cusp of establishing herself as an emerging voice of ministry, Lisa Yu (who pioneered and inspired so many to follow her faithful and courageous calling to ministry), Greg Jao (whose work in the trenches of the Chinese American church is riddled with such love, exhortation and yearning for this bride that continues to haunt me me), Ashley (who reminded me that my absence in New York City is felt strongly and that somehow it has raised up many to take up the challenges of reaching a community for Christ), Ho-Tay who inspired me with his joyful and redemptive path towards his devotion to God, Glennis (who continues to gently call us towards obedience), Wendy Chiou whose devotion and service to the youth at her Chinese church inspires me and brought tears to my eyes as I saw her dance up and down to “Did you Feel the Mountains Tremble), to Angela, who for so many years I have seen her grow and stay on this path towards God (but still chases me around the conference with a certain exuberance which brings a level of holy horror during my time there), and lastly for my wife, whose support during this time is beyond anything I ever expected, but God is so gracious through her tender yet complete love, with each grasp of my hand, she reminded me that God is here, He became flesh and He is among us…and as I looked over the people of God this weekend…everything became so real to me…it became a remnant for me…to recall for me of the work that has been done and for the work He is doing and for the work that is coming…converging on this wonderful and undeniable hope…

a hope that comes from the landscape of dried bones…

my heart yearns…for flesh and blood…

“the word became flesh”

for more pics go here



1. kinsen - September 6, 2006

what about “man” dates? hahahah

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