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9/11 September 11, 2006

Posted by peterong in Reflections, Uncategorized.

It has been 1,825 days, 43,800 hours, 2,628,000 minutes since that day and it still remains as a day when absence pervade. in the content of those days…

– i nearly walked away from God.
– wandered towards the grace that arrived in a book, a museum and the revealing words of a friend (thanks ads)
– discovered hope in two sisters who stumbled and surrendered their lives to him (thanks sonia and chele)
– young teens who showed me that there is hope in the midst of loss (thanks TECBC)
– beauty for ashes
– re-encountered a lost part of my life and saying farewell in a barnes and noble.
– friends who comfort with tears (thanks eshean, and jo)
– unveiling my fears of good-bye by saying good-bye
– God bringing two broken lives into one accord to that altar to say “I do…” to Him….
– weeping for nearly three weeks straight.
– walking on a beach and not being able to feel an ounce of suspicion that she will say “good-bye”
– praying while this beautiful woman slumbers and remember how much hope is awaiting us
– seeing my family undergo trials and seeing glimpses of salvation in each of those moments.
– loving the church so deeply that i would die for it.
– finding that God’s people are filled with so much shards of fallenness that has yet to be resurrected by grace.
– mentored by a man who is riddled with depth, love and hope (thanks John)
– discovering a new city with new people who are changing me from callousness towards affection and wonder
– prayer walking restored a vision and hope for a community that needs the church so much.

you are each a part of this story and there are days, hours and minutes ahead…cherish them…don’t say “good-bye” on a day with so many unwanted “good-byes.”  but honor today with another sense of hope…in Chinese we say…”until we meet again” or what a friend once told me…”hello again”

with great love and heaviness in my heart…and “hello again…”



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