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pausing among believing October 9, 2006

Posted by peterong in Rants, Reflections.

“Sometimes doubting is not a lack of faith but rather an expression of it. Sometimes to doubt is merely to insist that God be taken seriously, not frivolously—to insist that our faith is placed in and upheld by something other than seeming conjuring tricks…In other words, biblical faith progresses by an alternating rhythm of yes and no, a taking hold and a letting go, a believing and a doubting. Peter represents that part of our heritage that says ‘I will believe though I have not yet seen.’ But Thomas represents the other, equally needed part of our heritage: “Unless I see, I will not believe.” More than ever, the strength of evangelical faith must draw from both sides of the heritage.”-Mark Buchanan

I love this quote…and it is so honest and find it refreshing to know that we are in the midst of this fallennes…and yet, we have sketches in the life of Thomas to bring us forth…to believe…know that there are moments of clarity in the midst of the mutedness. I feel that for most of church culture…they are so bound by the “faith will make everything okay” mantra that I feel like an outcast at times…but here is this quote…and I find myself at home again…



1. steph - October 17, 2006

just… lovely.

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