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Echoes of Rwanda… October 13, 2006

Posted by peterong in Social Justice.

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After watching Hotel Rwanda this past week (in preparation for OneHouse on October 21), my heart was stirred by the crisis in Darfur, Sudan…about three years ago…I felt a deep commitment to pray for this region and wanting to serve there…

Noura Silaman (21) cries as she does not have the food to take care of her niece Intesar Iesa Eltaher (9 months) in Jebel Mara Mountains of Darfur, Sudan. © Corbis

I came across this that silenced me…pause and found a story about an exhibition called “The Smallest Witnesses” about children drawing their experiences of the genocide there…

Please take a look at PBS report on this…(make sure you click on the video clip)

Here is an in-depth PBS site on the crisis…

Go to Save Darfur website and get the word out…

A recent article about U2’s Bono’s urging for action in Darfur…

A report from the Human Right Watch entitled “The Smallest Witnesses: The Conflict in Darfur through Children Eyes” (pdf file)

The world is closing their eyes…

again and who will speak for them…who will say…”stop…”



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