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Surge in Asian Enrollment Alters Schools December 20, 2006

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an interesting article that my friend Ashley pointed out…there are some perpetual stereotypes here…but is it?

by Winnie Hu

WHEN Cresskill School District officials proposed a $31.1 million renovation of their three public schools in 2004, they worried that residents in this affluent borough of 7,700 in Bergen County would not go along. The last school project was rejected twice before narrowly passing in 1998. And that was for only $3.9 million.

While the Cresskill schools clearly needed fixing up — boiler repairs at the high school alone were costing $25,000 a year — many parents told school officials that it was simply too much to spend, said Charles V. Khoury, the superintendent, who met with nearly a dozen parent and community groups. (more…)

Good English a mental booster for Asians December 2, 2006

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Here is an article I found at Hindustan Times…I am not sure how they came up with this study but it blows my mind that there is funding for this…what will come next? Asian people who use ipods are smarter than Eskimos who fish all day…but interesting nevertheless…does this mean that English will make you smarter?  thus the mystery continues!

Here is the text…

Indo-Asian News Service

Washington, December 1, 2006

Indian and other Asian men with good or excellent English skills are less likely to have mental health problems than those with poorer English proficiency, according to a new study of immigrants to the US.

Asian Americans in general have lower rates of psychiatric disorders than American-born Asians and other native-born Americans with English-language proficiency the main variable among men and birthplace the key factor for women.

Asian-American immigrant women were far less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, substance abuse or psychiatric disorder in their lifetime than were US-born women, according to this first national epidemiological survey of the community. (more…)