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on death…an arising April 7, 2007

Posted by peterong in Reflections.

Killing Fields Picture

There is a lingering of sorts that seems to carry a weighty halo around my heart when this time of year arrives…Good Friday and Easter…I wish it was about bunnies and pastel eggs. I really do (today I went to a Syracuse cafe where they had stuffed animals of bunnies and chicks…baby chickens you dirty minded people! had a tea party). Some of the those images of Easter are so safe, septic and sane.

There are Maundy Thursday services that recalls when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Closer but still no cigar. Then there are the Sunday sunrise services which refreshes our soul to the hope of a new day upon the horizon, contemplative but hollow for me at times. Yet, this journey towards calvary is a horrific one; shredding flesh, punctures of double hooked thorns, the nakedness of his body with genitals exposed, dried layers of scabs, the weight of body on his hollowed out wrists, obscene gestures thrown at him, and of course the worst of all. The silence. The maddening silence. The solitary confinement between the son and the Father.

I want to get to the part of the story where we are at threshold of the empty tomb and be the one to go “aha! I knew it” but somehow I suspect I would be the standing there with such unashamed despair. Recalling the horror of the a few days past. I wonder sometimes, how people ask for God to respond. To no longer keep silent and I wonder if God has not already gave a horrific and deafening response. I wonder sometimes in our Christian limp we wrestle through parochial gestures of devotion or quiet times, we stand before this moment in time, when God was silent to His own son. To watch him plead “to forgive them…” and to see the gentle but exhausted words of “John, this is your mother…” and the refusal of “Father, Father, Why have you forsaken me…”

And I stand amazed that we have the capacity for self pity. For such sarcasm towards each other. To dismiss. To undercut. To wield power to those who have the weight of brokenness on them…to find such fault where God sees latent redemption. I think we have misunderstood this all too often

We stand in front of an empty tomb and wonder…

if it means

He is alive or

He is missing.

I pray…I deeply pray…




1. Chris Peters - April 18, 2007

Awesome! Peter keep writing, you might be the next Max Lucado.

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