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re-re-re… July 30, 2007

Posted by peterong in Ministry Update.

After spending a weekend checking out matrix trilogy on HDTV (oh my such eye candy, my pupils are on the verge of cavities), the two sequels were “Re-loaded” and “Re-volutions.” i re-flected on the the “re’s” in my life. In many ways, this new season of life is being “re-newed” and I am going to “re-visit” and “re-flect” on this transition. In so many ways, I going through moments of ambivalence…excitement because a new chapter of ministry is on the horizon and also deep withdrawal from my old haunt at the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. But as I conducted the Herald Youth Center staff development, I felt I was instilling in them a great confidence that God can do mighty things through the team.

This week has been an amazing one as I met Christine at Habitat for Humanity New York. I was so blessed by her vision for faith and poverty that it took me the rest of the day to unpack some of the things she shared. I am hoping to develop a core vision for engaging in social justice and the Asian American church. Part of that journey is to learn and to also act. I working with OneHouse again this year and hoping that through our conversation we develop a deeper sense of what it means to seek a diasporic expression of our faith communities.

Speaking of engagement, if you have not done so already, Tim Keller is part of the Gospel Coalition and has a list of interviews here that are invaluable to those pilgrims seeking to engage culture and faith. I had an impromptu opportunity to share about this at Grace Faith Church Young Career Fellowship this past Friday. I had dinner with my good friend Andy (who I happen to think is one of the best preachers out there) and he asked me who do I think is the best re-flection of “emergent” or engaged preachers out there…and after two heartbeats I unequivocally said “Tim Keller.” I don’t think that there has been anyone who has been a greater influence to my faith and ministry as much as this Redeemer Presbyterian pastor.

Things are pretty exciting and Jamie is coming back in less than two weeks! I am so excited to live out this new season as we serve together in this new season. I will be coming on with PaLM full-time in January and looking forward to build on the momentum of what God is doing through this ministry. I am speaking at Christian Testimony Long Island at their Summer Retreat. I will be speaking in the evening sessions and also doing a workshop on intergenerational relationships. It is something that runs deep in my heart. I am prepping also for September retreat with Boston Chinese Evangelical Church. I had a great and challenging exchange with one of their pastoral staff about engaging faith in the lives of the congregation and was touched by the depth of re-flection that came out of that email exchange. I will be also prepping my talk at the Chinese Missions Conference in December where it is considered the “Chinese Urbana.” I will be giving a talk on the youth track.

Things are coming along and I love serving and learning. There are so many saints out there doing great work and I am so amazed that we are participating in this wondrous work. This amazing extension of His mercy.

will write soon about my thoughts…



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