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Powerless December 3, 2007

Posted by peterong in Christ and Culture, Rants.
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Here is my semi-weekly blog on some rants and things that came across. I got a “boycott” emails forwarded from a  “Christian” activists named Dr. Bryan Cutshall (who is he?) It was to address the atheist agenda that Golden Compass seem to be promoting. The the email mandates us with this bold statement:


It has been confirmed by snopes dot com that the upcoming movie “The Golden Compass” is a vision by the author to promote atheism for kids. It is also making its waves on youtube with calls to boycott the movie. Although I agree that we should be mindful of thematic and some dangerous overtones of films for children but as adults I think we can discern and make sound observations without being in danger of becoming an atheist.

Is this the whole Christian vision and mission to boycott a movie? Is that where our energies are to draft up letters so that we can feel protected by such sinister (yes I am being sarcastic) forces out there as a film with a white polar bear. Yet, we don’t really feel too empassioned when we watch films promoting violence, adultery or greed. Those we are fine with…because it stars our favorite stars from People magazine.

And we wonder why a city who sees our Christianity and conclude by saying we are “powerless.” Yet, when we look at the poverty in our own neighborhoods, the sex trafficking in our business districts, genocide in Sudan, and/or our overlooking of the violence in our poor communities. We don’t forward those call for our action.

I often say that being Christian is like being a Star Trek fan. The source materials is pretty amazing but the people who love it are a bit strange and you don’t really want to be associated with them. These “boycott” emails makes me question much is this about Jesus or the gospel but rather, when we are honest it is about our superiority. Our desperate clinging to be on the “winning” team. We love Focus on (not Jesus but) the Family ministries because they can help us find the next thing we can blame for our moral decline in our society.

Pastor Ro preached on the ministry of grace yesterday and I am haunted again. He reminded us that our greatest gift we have to give to the world is Christ and it is the distinct power of the gospel to show grace. To take our faith so seriously that we are willing to do more than push a “forward” button on our email’s but to move us to availing ourselves with possibly dying for others.

I receive another email about how Christians should not be doing Yoga from this article but I am too tired to go into it…or rather, it is not worth going into…there are so much more important things…no?



1. hoho - December 4, 2007

agreed. i read the books a few years ago and i remember that i liked the books… i must be a bad christian or something.

2. Paul Lomax - December 5, 2007

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops shares your stance, and rated the film “intelligent and well-crafted entertainment.”

It’s such a shame that fundementalists such as Dr Cutshall get so much exposure in viral emails like these.

If I was a cynical man, I might think it was all for the sake of PR for his company, Church Trainer Inc. He basically does consultancy work for churches to help them pull in the crowds. It’s a good old fashioned PR trick – stir up an issue and tack the name of your company on the end…

3. Paul Lomax - December 5, 2007

It gets better! The Catholic League is calling for the sacking of whoever wrote the afore mentioned review…


4. crimson heart - December 5, 2007

hmm. i read his article just now and it sounds like another anti-harry potter/pokemon/fantasy/sci-fi/ bash again … or someone simply wants attention/15 mins of fame. badly.

i havent read the pullman’s works before – however, i do plan to watch the film first (shame on me) but its funny how i tried searching for the series a couple of days ago at various libraries .. and pullman’s works are all catalogued under young adult mystery/fantasy. its never listed under children’s lit section . and the movie itself is rated pg13. requires parental discretion. so .. maybe we should focus on teens and lousy parents who let their children watch some movie …

im gonna guess the latter. he wants it badly.

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