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Entering In and Coming Out March 26, 2013

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Today was a monumental day as the Supreme Court has met together to weigh the issue of same-sex marriage. In the fray, there has been a variety of voices, some of it is motley while others are thoughtful and engaged.But there is little doubt that one can stay neutral as the bearings of the issue take shape. But there has been some that I have found to be helpful in their measured voices as well as their stance on such an important issue that will have implications of a generation of church leaders.

I found this “Open Letter to the Church from a Lesbian” that was a call to the church to weigh in on our stance inside the walls of the church. I found a great counter voice by Voddie Bauchum called “Gay is not the New Black” and a great article on Tim Keller’s recent talk at Ethics and Public Policy Center. I particularly liked Dr. Keller’s reference to  Jonathan Rauch’s Advocate article, “Majority Report“; where Rauch makes a call to the larger Gay Movement to create space for unconvinced opponents to openly reason together.

As with all issues, it is not simply a doctrine for us to espouse but to know that what we stand for will ultimately affect people, especially children who are currently are part of families of same sex couples, for friends of those who love their gay friends and family members, and for those in ministry where they need to navigate a landmine of emotions and histories of such sensitive hurts. It is my hope that we traverse with a boldness to the truth of the gospel as it confronts us with our rebellion towards God as well as comfort us with beauty of receiving grace when we repent.

I pray for wisdom and reconciliation on both sides and meet at foot of the cross where mercy and sacrifice is laid before us. Especially during this season of Lent, where we find our homecoming availed because of the death and life of Christ.


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