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surprised (blindsided) by compassionate Reformed Theology June 14, 2008

Posted by peterong in City Seminary, Reflections.
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I just got back from my week long intensive classes at Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS)as part of my City Seminary degree. I had a mix bag of emotions coming into this week; a part of it was the turmoil at WTS in light with Peter Enn‘s dismissal due to his book Inspiration and Incarnation (a list of articles here) and the other part was of excitement to be at the school that has been part of Dr. Timothy Keller and my pastor, Stephen Ro.

I am an ambivalent Reformed pilgrim, there is so much good in the relentless pursuit of truth but somehow I am always moved to pause by the pride and corrective postures so many Reformed people take. They are spiritual naggers. But yet, I love the historical orthodoxy that it comes with and it has been part of my tradition through my years at Redeemer Presbyterian Church and also through my reading lists online as well as my home library that are riddled with Calvin, Murray, Owen, Luther, Van Til but yet I occupy this space where I am friendly to the emergent church, the postmoderns and I revel at Driscoll, Mclaren (much less so nowadays), Campolo. So I swing between two worlds of theological underpinnings…I feel like a spiritual mixed breed. or a traitor o sorts to both camps. But as I thought this out, I feel that there is a third way, and it is a conversation that will continue to mold me. Not to be polarized by the two but rather to focus on wrestling through the gospel. (more…)