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ENGAGE Speaker Series: March 18: Global Poverty and one Christian Response March 10, 2008

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Pastoral and Laity Ministries (PaLM). PaLM is launching another season of monthly ENGAGE Speaker Series for the Laity serving Asian American churches. The past seasons we had topics on developing Asian American youth ministry, as well as, Asian American Church leadership. This Spring we are presenting a series to equip the Asian American church to think about social justice and community engagement. Last month we had over 70 people come out to hear Director of Restore NYC discuss the ministry outreaching to sex trafficked workers. Please forward this to your fellowship group leaders, lay leaders or pastors who might be interested in attending. Our next ENGAGE Speaker Series announcement is below:Tuesday, March 18,2008, 7-9pm

Oversea Chinese Mission (OCM) church in Chinatown154 Hester St. on the corner of Elizabeth St.To RSVP, contact Peter Ong at peter@palmny.org (more…)

12 Korean Hostages Freed! August 30, 2007

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There has been a news break yesterday that 12 hostages were released. There are still some remaining so continuing praying.

Here is a link to video coverage and news coverage.

Blogging on Willow Creek’s SHIFT Conference February 26, 2007

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Thanks to Jeremy Del Rio, I have been asked to blog on the speaker sessions for Willow Creek’s SHIFT Conference. Other bloggers from around the country will post their thoughts and reflections on their typepad blog.
As I look at the lineup it appears to be loaded with some mix of the old and new…but as I suspected, no Asian American representation to speak of…Not a single Asian as main speakers, breakout sessions, and/or public leadership.

 Makes me wonder who is the audience for the conference and what why the lack of representation in such a mainstream venue? Is it that we don’t have any major leaders in this field or rather no-one provocative enough to grant a slot for speaking some truth. But perhaps they just didn’t value this representation of a distinctive Asian American voice could bring to a mainstream conference such as this. 

 Regardless, it is exciting to see old faces like Jeremy Del Rio, Phil Jackson, Adam Durso and Efrem Smith up on the stage. I will be watching most of the sessions via a live feed and will share my thoughts on the main speaker sessions.

I am particularly excited to see what Donald Miller has to say…as you know, his works have made an enormous impact in my own life and I have heard some of him here via the Veritas Forum resource site…I wonder what he will bring to a youth audience. My main buddy Jeremy Del Rio will do a talk on “Activism: From Fellowship Hall to Full-Contact Faith.”

I look forward to this opportunity and to jumpstart some discussion on the blog…

Asian American Emergent Skypecast August 28, 2006

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Thanks to DJ Chuang for hosting the Second Asian American Emergent Skypecast and we had some thoughtful discussions on how the emergent church movement can be thought of towards an Asian American church. We had the following participants who ventured onto skype to meet over the internet… We had including Emergent Asia’s Sivin Kit, as well as Ben Pun, David Park, Peter Ong, Tim Liu, and my buddy Theo Wong. You can listen in to part 1 and part 2 online.

And, Tim had these great thoughts as a closing remark:

In my experience, AsAm churches tend to be even more conservative in terms of practice than American churches. They tend to be slower to adapt to changes and are rarely forerunners in ministry innovation. Many people (such as Dan Kimball) see the emerging church as a response to the contemporary worship movement. But in my (Chinese) church, we are barely contemporary. We still have those who feel that drums are of the devil. So I think the Asian churches maybe just need more time to catch up. Also, I wonder if anyone else notices the overlaps between the postmodern culture and the Eastern/Asian worldview? For example, preaching in narrative and in non-linear flow of thought is normal for Asians. When I preach to the 1st genearation adults in my church, they love to hear stories and narrative. Its already part of how they communicate. Another example is the emphasis on community and relationships in the Emerging church. Its already is a central part of asian culture. So in a lot of ways, I could see the AsAm church very welcoming to some aspects of the emerging church if it is presented in the right way.

Overall, it was great to hear these men share their thoughts about the horizon of Asian American ministry, particularly for me, I wanted to see how the campus could be a grounds for cultivating some new thoughts on Asian American ministry. Part of my heart was to see how this is played out in the real scenarios of the Asian American church. It got my juices churning while thinking of these things and this building of community around dialogue commands my passions. You must join us for the third Asian American Emergent Skypecast.

Special Joint PaLM and InterVarsity Meeting with Paul Tokunaga in New York City August 8, 2006

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Paul Tokunaga

Pastoral and Laity Ministries (PaLM) and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship will host a lunch and discussion with Paul Tokunaga. Mr. Tokunaga serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1973.

He is responsible in a variety of leadership and management roles. His current role with InterVarsity is the National Asian American Ministry Coordinator and Associate Dean for Leadership Development. He is also the director of The Daniel Project, a 15-month intensive leadership development program to prepare Blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans for senior leadership positions in InterVarsity.

His ministry’s main focus is equipping and training young Asian-Americans for Christian leadership. He has written numerous books and articles including “Invitation to Lead: Guidance for Emerging Asian American Leaders” and “Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents” (www.ivpress.com).

The lunch/meeting will focus on our personal development as leaders in the church and how to develop new leaders. We will address the complexities of the pervasive issues which are expressed in the Asian American church and culture. There will be a time of Q&A and then lunch! We will also have copies of Paul’s books at a deeply discounted price if you’re interested. (more…)