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Sex, Intimacy, and a Cautionary Tale (Yes I am a fan of the show) November 24, 2007

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I know, I know, people have ranted, emailed me, and finally someone this past week told me that I have been a neglectful blogger…so I apologize, it has been a busy transition but there is so much that I am working through these past few months.

A few weeks ago I gave a talk called “Beyond Boundaries: Restoring Intimacy.” It was a talk about sex and intimacy and what God has to say about it. It was an extension of the talk I gave at the New York Summer Conference this past year as part of the Jesus Uncensored series and continued at the Eastern Chinese Bible Conference. Apparently I hit a nerve because I am getting a lot of invitations to give this talk at fellies and church conferences. After I gave the talk where I challenged the church to give permission to talk about this profound part of our lives. I have seen the damage it has caused because of the silence we have as a church. We don’t address it besides, “the bible says so…” and that is suppose to overcome this powerful sexual energy we carry around. Yet, I challenged them to reclaim it as a way for us to experience intimacy (more…)