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conception October 16, 2005

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Hi Friends,

This is the first post on a day where the first hint of sun has broken through the clouds. There has been a stubborn overcast of rain and despite the inconvenience of running around from the dampness, it creates an environment for reflection.

Being away from the city has been a time of exhaling. Just taking in the heart of the city and seeing the urban landscape yearning for the coming of Christ (Romans 8:22-23). Constant wanderers that find themselves unaware of the love of God around them and here I am…distant and praying…that there will be freedom in “generous orthodoxy” that breathes inclusion. To bring the foreigners, the displaced, the poor, the ugly and all outsiders to the circle of worship (Isaiah 56:1-8). To the table of the father. That is my greatest desire for the mercy of God to bring forth a wonderful fear of His majesty.

How do we make the modern church into an emerging and contextually impactful movement? How do we transform a church that are messengers of hope and agents of mercy and justice?

In such a culture, there seems to be more and more hunger for the true redeemer. To seek people who are “real” with depth and textures of faith that is beyond pale orthodoxy and superficial agents of mercy. But a divine recklessness that trusts what we profess…a people who are desperate for the glory of God.

There needs to be a renewal. The saints of the church have created a wonderful opportunity for the generations to be under this banner of salvation. Renewal. one definitinon of renewal is “filling again by supplying what has been used up” God doesn’t want to destroy what is old but to renew…there is something that is profoundly beautiful that he doesn’t annihilate us to oblivion but melts away and refines us to be who we want to be.

One of the most wonderful experiences of being involved in large events was the diversity of those who I worked side by side with…and each soul encounter was filled with such an acknowledgement of the work that God has done in that person and yet, they remained intact the color of that person’s life. Their humor, their disposition, their tastes, their preferences for certain things…we are not clones…but truly we are children under one household.

So in that, we can speak in beautiful different languages with the outpouring of the gospel. A fragrant gospel. A radiant gospel. We can’t add anything to the word but we can sure bring our passion for it. Our hunger for it…to be released…our desire…a “sweet illumination…”

I am serving with Pastoral and Laity Ministries (PaLM) and working towards this equipping of the saints…to bring a renewal in the church…to facilitate a circle of exploration of what, as leaders of the church, can better be suited to engage with culture…to be non-negotiable Christians to our community and our church. To be a remnant of hope to those who encounter us…as a shepherd and an ambassador. A masterpiece of creation…beautiful despite the imperfection.

So, I am in the fundraising phase of working with PaLM and finding it both a time of struggle of trying to focus on ministry in the midst of seeking provision. So far, it has not been promising but I stay in the center of trusting…and knowing…that God truly provides. He has brought me here…in relation to speak with boldness and humility to serve.

I have been approached to speak and share about the ministry in a church in NJ and in Fishkill. Pray that it will be impactful for the kingdom.

So what does the church desperately need to make impact?