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Tony Evans Coming to Town and you are invited May 14, 2008

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I first encountered Tony Evans when I first became a believer in 1996 and his ability to create stories that connected with scripture really brought me to a place where I believed that what the bible stated does bear in real life. Well, he is coming to town to promote and endorse 2020 Vision for Schools.

A night for all pastors, church deacons and elders, youth ministers, educators, community leaders, and congregants still uncertain about 20/20 Vision for Schools or not sure what to do next in adopting a local school. Come hear Rev. Dr. Tony Evans of the Urban Alternative, a nationally recognized faith leader and President of the National Church Adopt-a-School Initiative, share why public schools are the cutting edge of ministry in our city.

Pastors must RSVP by email for the 5 pm gathering.

The 7 pm gathering is open to all.

Watch what Dr. Evans is doing with the National Church Adopt-a-School initiative.

tragedy of earthquake in China May 13, 2008

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There are few times I am left speechless and with great heaviness. due to the earthquake in China that registered a 7.9 (some estimates say 7.8) magnitude hit China. It is the worst earthquake to hit China since 1976 which took the lives of 200,000 people in Tangshan.

Initial estimates say it is 10,000 people who have died because of the earthquakes. The most troubling story for me was about the 900 students who were trapped in the wreckage of Juyuan Middle School in China’s Sichuan province after Monday’s earthquake. Most are now presumed dead. Workers have recovered dozens of bodies and a few survivors from the rubble – but hundreds remain buried. The image of hundreds of parents standing to await news of their children is heartbreaking . Some could hear their children’s cry for help.

in Please consider giving to the relief efforts who are on the ground already doing work in China.

World Vision

Samaritan’s Purse