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Scholarships Available for Chinese- and Korean-Speaking Bilingual and Bicultural Students Pursuing Careers in Health Care August 31, 2006

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Deadline is October 31st….so hurry up kiddies!

Wednesday August 30, 11:30 am ET


* United Health Foundation and PacifiCare Foundation fund Asian-American Scholars Program offering two $5,000 Gold Scholarships and one $10,000 Platinum Scholarship CYPRESS, Calif., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Three scholarships totaling $20,000 are available to bilingual and bicultural Chinese- and Korean-speaking students who are pursuing careers in the health care industry. (more…)

Hail the Asian American Burrito! August 31, 2006

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oooh i am so there when I go to NYC next time!!!! wooo hoooo…there is sermon illustration in here somewhere!

excerpt from Food Buzz: Hail the Asian-American Burrito; Farm on Adderley
By Ryan Sutton

Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) — Momofuku Ssam Bar, David Chang’s 48- seat, fast-food-style offshoot of Momofuku Noodle Bar, opened last week in the East Village, serving Chang’s famous steamed buns and a Tex-Mex take on the Korean wraps called “ssam.”

Have you ever stuffed a cool lettuce leaf with a pile of charcoal-grilled short ribs? That’s a traditional ssam.

Chang packs your snack inside a flour tortilla. Hail the Asian-American burrito! (more…)

Blended August 30, 2006

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“Whoever wants to become great among you mustbe your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.” Mark 10:43-44

“Because we children of Adam want to become great, He became small. Because we will not stoop, He humbled Himself. Because we want to rule, He came to serve.” Moravian Prayer

Dear friends and family, I hope you are well and I can’t believe that as I write this the approach of the Fall season is upon us. Another horizon for new aspects of growing and learning together. I am looking forward to it as it poses a new set of experiences and discoveries. Thank you for joining me in this exchange through words and I pray that it will spur you towards faith. I want to thank you in advance as I invite you to pray with me.

This past week has been a time of reflecting on leadership since PaLM and Intervarsity will be hosting a special lunch on Friday at the Chinese Evangel Mission Church in Queens with Paul Tokunaga. I took some time to examine the notions of leadership that provoked me in my years in ministry. I find that Jesus was gave such us such a profound paradox of sorts…to be great you must be the least…and yet, it is simply beautiful. This idea of surrender in order to lead. I am not impressed with myself when people follow me…but I am moved when they follow Christ. I think my most joyful experiences of being a leader are when I simply place a band-aid on a kid with a scraped knee, to listen as a camp counselor weeps for her parents, praying with brother who is struggling with his marriage, listening to worship songs with a baby. But in leadership, I find the necessity of meetings and planning are just an undergirding for these intimate moments of ministry to each other. They are a means to an end…Our communities are screaming for salvation…for an understanding from another that they are loved by God and by another person.

In the church, I have seen so many expressions of authority which ruthless power are exercised under the false pretense of ministry. It saddens me…because a measure of dignity in an undignified world is the “one-eyed man in a kingdom of the blind.” Christ gave dignity to those outsiders. Unrepaired people. He esteemed us even in moments of our languishing filth.

He became a paradox. A servant leader. (more…)

Silent Exodus August 29, 2006

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after ten years since this was published…it still echoes today…

Christianity Today

August 12, 1996

Silent Exodus – Can the East Asian church in America reverse flight of its next generation?


On top of the intense attention paid to native language, ethnic discrimination, and immigrant needs, Asian-American Christians grapple with additional pressure points concerning the demands for leadership equality, the role of ethnic identity in the church, and the importance of spiritual development. Unless theses added difficulties are solved, they have the potential to hinder church growth among younger people.

These younger people, often influenced by Western ideals of democracy and equality, tend to differ with Asian cultural views on hierarchy and authority. In the Asian culture, you have a slow giving over of authority and control to the younger generation, says Robert Goette, director of the Chicagoland Asian-American Church Planting Project. “Often the control resides with the parents until they die.”
Scholar Tseng agrees: “Unless the first-generation leaders are able to give second-generation pastors the freedom to lead, their young people will not go to these churches. First-generation pastors need to be aware of this dynamic.” (more…)

Asian Americans in the media August 29, 2006

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I wonder how this plays out in the way Asian Americans are seen in the mainline Christian community as outsiders and not innovators. Every Christian conference or training seminar I have been to rarely has an Asian American representative…we are almost invisible or a non-issue in this area, as if we have nothing to contribute to this. I believe that there are prominent and innovative Asian American men and women who have much to offer with both broader approaches to ministry as well as nuanced and particular narratives that capture the contextual aspect of the Asian American church. I remember that for a time, I felt like the token Asian American in meetings and in some ways brought a wave of celebrity that seemed a bit unwarranted. As I think more about the Asian American Emergent conversation that DJ Huang is developing, I feel we are making strides towards bringing to the forefront the gifted voices of leaders out there. I am hopeful.

Well ’nuff of that here is an article from Hyphen Blog

Asian Americans not ready for prime time

A report from the Asian American Justice Center and it says that Asian Pacific American regular characters on network prime time television have not significantly increased over the last two years, since the group’s last report.

Click here to download the report.


Click here to download the 2004 study.

Highlights from the report: (more…)

Asian American Emergent Skypecast August 28, 2006

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Thanks to DJ Chuang for hosting the Second Asian American Emergent Skypecast and we had some thoughtful discussions on how the emergent church movement can be thought of towards an Asian American church. We had the following participants who ventured onto skype to meet over the internet… We had including Emergent Asia’s Sivin Kit, as well as Ben Pun, David Park, Peter Ong, Tim Liu, and my buddy Theo Wong. You can listen in to part 1 and part 2 online.

And, Tim had these great thoughts as a closing remark:

In my experience, AsAm churches tend to be even more conservative in terms of practice than American churches. They tend to be slower to adapt to changes and are rarely forerunners in ministry innovation. Many people (such as Dan Kimball) see the emerging church as a response to the contemporary worship movement. But in my (Chinese) church, we are barely contemporary. We still have those who feel that drums are of the devil. So I think the Asian churches maybe just need more time to catch up. Also, I wonder if anyone else notices the overlaps between the postmodern culture and the Eastern/Asian worldview? For example, preaching in narrative and in non-linear flow of thought is normal for Asians. When I preach to the 1st genearation adults in my church, they love to hear stories and narrative. Its already part of how they communicate. Another example is the emphasis on community and relationships in the Emerging church. Its already is a central part of asian culture. So in a lot of ways, I could see the AsAm church very welcoming to some aspects of the emerging church if it is presented in the right way.

Overall, it was great to hear these men share their thoughts about the horizon of Asian American ministry, particularly for me, I wanted to see how the campus could be a grounds for cultivating some new thoughts on Asian American ministry. Part of my heart was to see how this is played out in the real scenarios of the Asian American church. It got my juices churning while thinking of these things and this building of community around dialogue commands my passions. You must join us for the third Asian American Emergent Skypecast.

Things that make me remember 9/11 August 26, 2006

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Since my trip to New York City’s Chinatown…I have been haunted by 9/11…I recall the event that is approaching almost five years ago…these are things that remind me fo that day…as I watched the towers fall…

Things that make me remember nine eleven

pay phones.helicopters. white candles. firetrucks. chelsea piers. people sitting on sidewalks. planes. paper on concrete sidewalks. the overcoat I wore that day. dust on windowsills. answering machine messages. people looking up. jennifer wong. brooklyn heights. dirty socks. the absence of birds. driving over the brooklyn bridge. missing persons posters. twins. the 34th Street subway stop where I got off that day. 30 street and 1st avenue, 59th street bridge. stopping at a traffic lights on Queen Blvd (where I walked home). EMT’s. emergency procedures on planes. airmasks. CNN. mosques. sermon on Lazarus. AT&T phone bills. metal crosses. the brooklyn heights promenade. catholic churches. psalm 116. battery park. water bottles. fire alarms. sprinkler systems. broken glass. eating silently. hurting feet. when I hug my mom. dropped cell phone calls. bouquets. large american flags. insomnia. white house. 1010 WINS, tractors, clergy collars. water buckets. dusty hands. dry sand. finding pennies. the smell of gas stations, black coffee, offensive street preachers. cemetaries. waking up to a cloudy day. metal lunch boxes. helmets. graffiti, george bush, fighter jets, Lincoln Center. vigils. phone calls from old friends. commas and periods in newspaper articles. Black and White newspapers. orange jumpsuits. falling asleep and exhaling psalm 30…”joy comes in the morning.”

Emergent Church or Divergent Church? August 24, 2006

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I am “pickpocketted” this discussion from World Magazine’s blog and want to start this discussion (if anyone is out there)….

What do you think of the Emerging Church movement? The Baptist Press (see article) quotes leaders such as Southern Seminary president Al Mohler who call it a threat to the Gospel. Mohler writes, “Unwilling to affirm that the Bible contains propositional truths that form the framework for Christian belief, this movement argues that we can have Christian symbolism and substance without those thorny questions of truthfulness that have so vexed the modern mind.”

Analysis: What is the “Emerging Church Movement?” August 24, 2006

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an interesting summary of some of the major points of emergent church by a Baptist State consultant…fair and summarily gives some points…take a read. Petery

By Chad Hall

BSC Communications

Read any number of ministry magazines, web sites or books these days and you’re likely to come across the terms like emerging church, emerging leaders, emerging ministry, emergent, and other strains of the word “emerging.”

Some people hail the emerging church movement as the second-coming of the Protestant Reformation, while others rail against it as a form of liberalism and watered-down Christianity in an age of anything goes. Still others see it as a passing fad or the reincarnation of the Jesus Movement of the 1960’s. People all around the world, including N.C. Baptists, are responding to, participating in, and reacting against this movement that cannot be easily described.

So what is all the fuss about? As a Baptist State Convention consultant who works with innovative and emerging issues, I’ve been watching the emerging church movement for six or seven years. As the moniker implies, the movement is constantly morphing, showing different sides of itself, and taking on new faces and voices. Following are a few snapshots of the emerging church movement that might help you know and understand it a bit better.

The movement is chaotic (more…)

Leaders call ‘Emerging Church Movement’ a threat to Gospel August 23, 2006

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Mar 23, 2005
By David Roach
Baptist Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–A recently developed way of envisioning church known as the “Emerging Church Movement” deals carelessly with Scripture and compromises the Gospel, according to a prominent evangelical scholar and a Southern Baptist seminary president.

But Brian McLaren, one of the movement’s leaders, told Baptist Press that such criticisms are unfounded and that the Emerging Church Movement is “seeking to be more faithful to Christ” in the current postmodern cultural context.

In a book entitled “Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church,” which is scheduled to be published in June by Zondervan, theologian D.A. Carson defines the Emerging Church Movement as a group of people who believe the church must use new modes of expressing the Gospel as western culture adopts a postmodern mindset.

“At the heart of the ‘movement’ … lies the conviction that changes in the culture signal that a new church is ’emerging,'” writes Carson, who serves as research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill. “Christian leaders must therefore adapt to this emerging church. Those who fail to do so are blind to the cultural accretions that hide the gospel behind forms of thought and modes of expression that no longer communicate with the new generation.” (more…)