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I am aspiring to plant King’s Cross Church in downtown Flushing with  Living Faith Community Church (PCA) where I serve as Ruling Elder and Director of Gospel Community to bridge community ministries to the church; its goal is to engage to congregation to Mercy and Justice Ministries. I had the privilege of serving as as the Director of Youth Ministries at the church. I received my M.A. from Westminster Theological Seminary through City Seminary of New York.


I was the Associate Director of PaLM and developed an Asian American Laity project to equip and serve Asian American Church leadership through fellowship, training and mentoring. One of the primary goals of the ministry is to develop strategies for networking and development of Asian American lay leaders through an annual conference and ongoing academy.
Prior I served for six years as the Director of Chinese Christian Herald CrusadesHerald Youth Center. He attended New York University and worked in the Asian American non-profit sector for five years before being called to full-time youth ministry.

While attending Redeemer Presbyterian, Peter served on the Board of Directors for Hope for New York, a mercy and justice ministry. He has also served as an advisor to the Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference; Jesus Generation, whose mission is to see a generation sold out for Jesus; volunteer staff at NYU Asian American Fellowship for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; In 2005 he served as a liaison to the Billy Graham Crusades of Greater New York, working with community churches to reach local youth.

He regularly preaches at over 50 churches, retreats and conferences.


In addition to working in ministry, Peter has published reviews on graphic novels, and comics. His loves: Jesus, Youth (especially chubby ones), being married, Hymns, Dim Sum, mac’s, ice cream, sushi, music, books and the Knicks. His dislikes: vegetarian hot dogs, cheese, soy milk (he gets bloated), romantic comedies (that seems redundant to me), and sweaty noses.

He is frequent speaker and workshop leaders at youth conferences and churches including the following venues:


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