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The Return and Homes August 22, 2007

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It has been a wonderful week and there is much to report so without haste…here is a picture I took on my walk on the Williamsburg Bridge on my birthday. Here are my updates:

I now longer serving at Chinese Christian Herald Crusades and had to say good-bye as I am in my new season developing the Asian American Laity Ministry with PaLM and serving at a new church (keep reading)

Jamie is back! After spending 8 weeks in China working on a water project in Nanjing, she came back just in time for our 2 year anniversary. We celebrated by going to Nobu Next Door where our friend and chef extraordinaire gave us some generous dishes to help us remember this special day. We topped of the week by going to the PaLM Yankee game with some ministry folks Hosive (Vision), Pastor John (PaLM), Howard (PaLM) and Donald (Boon Church). The Yankees lost in dramatic fashion (again) and then headed out to the North Hamptons for some reconnection time with Jamie at a Bed and Breakfast. It was nice as we spent time sharing and healing from our seperation.

It is now official, Jamie and I are now attending Living Faith Community Church. I have known Pastor Stephen Ro since 2000 when we met at Concerts of Prayer Greater New York Pastors’ Prayer Summit. I have come on as part-time staff as their Director of Gospel Community (There was a rumor that I would be their DOS: Director of Something). I will assist with their leadership, communications, inreach and outreach. So far it has been a great home for us as we seek to develop a “Gospel Driven” community. I will be facilitating a Sunday School conversation entitled, “Rules of Engagement: Moving Beyond Belief.“Here is the blurb:

“We go to church on Sundays and Fellowship during the week where we have flashbacks about the sermons but we find out that our faith don’t seem to translate into where we spend the majority of our waking lives…at work. God has called us to engage and to live out a gospel narrative but we find our vocabularies seem to confuse more than to clarify. We will wrestle together about how faith and culture should intersect in our lives. We will have also have conversations on the topics of engagement of culture, being missional, postmodernism, culture wars, social justice and the challenge of building authentic communities of faith. Bring a cup of java, your bible and some open minds as we seek to move beyond belief.”


I had great retreat with Christian Testimony Long Island two weeks ago. I spoke on “Being in the World and Not of It” a theme that I have been developing since speaking on this topic at the Midhudson Chinese Christian Church‘s Revival Meeting last Fall. The CTLI Retreat was a great time and I did a special workshop with first generation parents and their teen children. It was moving to see so many tears and I closed the workshop with the parents praying with their kids. I was moved to see some healing take place that weekend. It was good to reconnect with some of the youth I worked with years ago at Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference.

Thanks for your prayers. I will speaking this year at Boston Chinese Evangelical Church at their Career Fellowship and will be doing a series on Jesus Uncensored.

I will also be doing a special one day training workshop at the Reload Conference. I am so excited to be on the same venue with my good friend Jeremy Del Rio. They have some of the best local and national leaders in Youth Ministry represented.

I am prepping for a trip back to the ‘Cuse so Jamie can drop some water samples. I am looking forward to it. I will be finalizing my support letters to go out. I need to raise another $20K for me to go on full time with PaLM starting in January. I am meeting with prospective funders and supporters. I am looking for some exciting and new ways to facilitate some new ministry initiative such as an Asian American Youth Workers Conference in the Spring of 2008, an Asian American Leadership Fellowship and continue with the Monthly Fall 2007 ENGAGE series which will focus on Leadership.

Thanks for your prayers and support, if you would like to learn more about the Asian American Laity Project please contact me at peter [at] palmny [dot] org. See you soon!

Prayer Update 9/15 September 15, 2006

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Dear friends and family,

This week of the 5th anniversary of 9/11 caught me off guard…as the nation returned to this tragic event I found that the memories of this day haunted me with a renewed verve. On the days following the anniversary have been particularly somber as I remember the details of each of the moments that marked my heart since….

At the very worst I remember the relentless fear and paranoia that pandered to the most unreasonable and general violence. Some regarded their pain by spilling out their hearts in senseless hedonism, grabs for numbing pleasures. illicit sexuality. At the best, I saw a city surging with compassion and love. The moment that defines so much was when I arrived in Chinatown on September 13th…to prepared to counsel the teens at the youth center, but I discovered that there were hitting the streets bringing donated items to the rescue workers. One of the youth told me, “Peter, there is time to be sad and there is time for hope…remember that the people need us and they need to hear about God…” I sat in silence and prayer for this moment to see how the words of this young teen stirred this vision of holy hope. Beauty for Ashes.

There was a song that stayed with me during this time by Lifehouse called “Somewhere in Between” that verbalized my heart as I wrestled through this collision of grief with doubt, insomnia, escapism, and the worse distraction…the busyness of ministry.

Asian American Laity Project:
I had several meetings with local pastors and it was very encouraging to share our hearts and their insights about the Laity Project. One of the ideas that came from the meetings was the development of a lecture series featuring local and national Asian American leaders for the laity to gain some insight and counsel.

As part of my fund development, I am following up with the attendees of the Paul Tokunaga special luncheon and some people who attended the Asian American Leadership Roundtable at ECBC. I am also working with some local church leaders to discuss forming a committee that will help fundraise and coordinate with me for the project. Please pray for provision according to His timing for this important project. Pray for God to raise up a discerning group of leaders to help serve on this committee.

I went to Dentist office for the first time in ___ years and it turns out that I have periodontal disease and have to have some extensive work done on my teeth. The cost is close to $2,500 and we are trusting that th is my first step towards having healthy teeth.

Last week in our trip back to NYC, Jamie and I had a pretty bad flat but we were blessed to be near a mechanic and we had to get our tires changed. This week I am going to get our car fixed and we are hoping to take care of an existing problem. Pray that it will not cost too much and these unexpected costs are taking its toll.

Please pray for Jamie as she is starting her first semester at Maxwell School where she will get a dual degree with her College of Environmental Science and Forestry studies. She is working hard to finish the degree so we can get our lives started on our next stage. Pray for her as she seeks counsel and that I would be a good support to her efforts.

thank you for reading and praying.

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