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People Who Share a Bed, and the Things They Say About It September 20, 2006

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So Jamie and I don’t have the most romantic way of sleeping since I find that I have a hard time being “close” and like my space…but I find that the ritual we have in bed is a sweet one…where we do our evening devotions, pray and then chat a little and pretend to fight for the sheets (Which Jamie ALWAYS wins, leaving me all frigid and cold….). But there is a healing process in being in bed with your spouse…it is a time of just yielding the day into the evening and with anticipation of hope a another new day…this article is a sweet reminder of that…and how precious this is…

by Kate Murphy

New York Times

While researching rural life more than 20 years ago, Paul C. Rosenblatt took his 12-year-old son with him to interview farm families in the Midwest. Father and son stayed in a farmhouse and had to share a bed.

“It was terrible,” said Dr. Rosenblatt, a professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, because his son thrashed and turned so much that “his feet were in my face all night.”
Tired and bedraggled the next day, he recalled thinking about how challenging it can be to adapt to sleeping with another person. (more…)